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Simmonds and Newcombe: The Deadly Run

In 1959, two convicts, Kevin Simmonds and Les Newcombe, undertook an audacious escape from Sydney's notorious Long Bay Penitentiary, which led to the biggest police hunt in NSW history.


Their deadly run involved around 500 policemen, armed with guns, bulletproof vests and fast cars. Escaping from the central section of the gaol through a ventilation duct in the roof of the prison chapel, they spent their first night of freedom huddled in a freshly dug grave in Botany Cemetery.


Over the ensuing weeks and months these two mates sought to hide under the Sydney Showground grandstand, break into Emu Plains Prison Farm to steal a revolver and hide in a car buried in the bush.

You'll learn their fate and what happened with that bloodied cricket stump.

Written in 2017
Produced by:
Blancmange Productions
Performed at St James Crypt 2019
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