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DEADHOUSE: Tales Of Sydney Morgue - Season 3

Deadhouse Season 3 offers to take you into the heart of the history, putting you right in the line of fire of a story you won’t soon forget - Nightwrites

show 1
Razor Gang Wars: The Rise of Tilly Divine and Kate Leigh

show 2
Simmonds and Newcombe: The deadly Run


"Direction by Liviu Monsted shows a control and understanding of interactive theatre to bring the story out of the history books and into the crypt. Monsted utilises his cast well and allows for the intimate setting to extract humour, violence, and power with a particular focus on the females at the centre of it all. Every single performer commits to their parts, showing the emotional highs of gang warfare, creating visceral tension in fight sequences, and ultimately leading us through a true part of Sydney’s history." - Theatre Thoughts

"The show was superb - engaging, entertaining and enlightening. Great writing and direction by Liviu. He creatively melded the action and storyline with the unique location" - Peter Butt (documentarian, historian)

"Razor Gang Wars is a one-of-a-kind, not to be missed theatrical experience about the dark past of Sydney's criminal underworld." - Weekendnotes

"Stunning" - Larry Writer (author of Razor)

"Believable dialogues from Monsted that do make you feel like you were/are really there. Interspersed through the action"-                      Sydney Scoop

"Writer/Director Liviu Monsted takes this true crime drama and crafts a narrative that gives the details without ever feeling overwhelming or like an info dump. The way he paces the story, what he chooses to use as exposition helps everything feel grounded especially while being framed as a police investigation. All of this is added to with what is honestly the coolest venue you could ask for, The crypts under St James' Church Sydney. Monsted's choice to start in the courtyard and then move into the crypt sets the pace and the immersive nature of the production. The crypt adds character and sets a tone that I am sure could not be replicated. That being said the stage crew do an excellent job at controlling tension and moving the story along with sound and lighting, all while being unseen." - The Fourth Wall Reviews

"an enchanting tale of bloodshed, desperation and a descent into madness through the lens of a true-crime noir thriller." - Theatre Travels

"Razor Gang Wars: The Rise of Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh is a fun, interactive and educational piece of theatre. The crypt beneath St James’ Church is the perfect setting for this dark and sordid piece of Sydney’s history. By far the most entertaining history lesson you’ll ever have"

- The Au Review

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