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STREET                                    2019

In Street, writer and director Liviu Monsted presents to the audience a grim picture of the plight of young people living on the street. It is not so much a story of why or how they ended up homeless, nor does it present a neat solution to their situation, rather it raises our consciousness and asks us to look more closely at those living on the streets. - Stage Whispers

Monsted’s direction strings out the events of the two nights into a mundane boredom representative of the limbo-esque position Miriam and Foster occupy. While the actors perform with a sense of compassion, there is slim opportunity to break through their hardened exteriors. Brief glimpses of a gentle humanity must suffice rather than a deep-dive into personal exposure, further emphasising the other ways in which the characters are exposed."  - Night Writes.

“As the performance progresses, you can see into the cruel, atrocious world where human beings are fighting each day for survival. The play put this into perspective on how society "forgets" and "neglects" the homeless, as many of us do not know their stories, their struggles, their demons.

The play hits you hard and showcases deep emotions, thankfully, there are moments of humour which lightens the mood.

-Weekend Notes

More Australians need to hear and discuss the fully intense portrayal about the reality and possible solutions to homelessness. Controversial topic, all actors kept their energy levels high and kept the curiosity and anticipation going for each performance.
- Chris Barry, Skidrow Community Radio
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